Yesterday I ordered a 1TB M.2 SSD from Amazon, and I didn't expect it to arrive this morning so early!

I honestly thought it was a simple plug and play.

I was wrong.

Very very wrong.

Even though I followed the instructions on how to clone my C: drive, It didn't work.

So I had to constantly unscrew the M.2 drive multiple times.

Then I wasn't thinking straight as I was about 3-4 hours in and I formatted (keeping the files still) Windows 10.

Lost all the saves and cache such as my Brave browser.

So I ended up taking the long route and downloading a brand new Windows 10 on my new SSD.

Ended up working, but didn't know what were the exact things I had on my PC.

Blessing in disguise eh? One way to declutter my desktop which was something I've been meaning to do lol

Went from 120GB to as mentioned 1TB and I don't have to be continuously removing things on my C: drive.

I also bought iCloud storage Β too for my photos. Keeping thing centralized when it comes to my photos and I don't have to be worrying about photos for a while. #riskmanaging