I'm back into writing daily now. Why? because I wanted to write more. And here is my chance again to daily blog my thoughts here on my personal page. If you haven't been following me in the past I did as I would call my season 1 of daily writing. I was able to write for about 160+ days and missed only 3 of them. Now my plan is to not miss a day.

It was good, I feel inspired reading blogs online and I thought to myself why not start again, so here we are season 2!

Today felt productive, I was on a call with a client of mine, Roy. He had to pause his online stuff because of COVID and came back for coaching again, we discussed a few things and an action plan on how to approach his channel after he is back. We dived in a deeper conversation on what content he really wants to make which overall led to a productive call.

Client calls πŸ–€

Oh forgot to mention, since my last blog I'm finally going to the gym with a PT helping me reach my goal: becoming lean and build muscle too. I started going towards the end of October last year and since then I feel stronger and leaner. I started taking my health seriously.

It happened when I started gaining weight towards the middle of last year. I'll leave a photo of me gaining fat towards my cheeks. I remember weighing around 67kg and then I was above 80+kg and I said to myself, I can't live like this, I can't let life defeat me. And I started thinking about the future, what I would of became if I just 'let go' and ate whatever.

When I first started going to the gym plus getting PT sessions to now

I'm here on a goal to master my 7 areas of life, and health was one of it. I put my foot down and said, fuck yah - I'm going to do something about it and done it, haven't looked back since. It sucks to see people who talk the talk but don't walk the walk, and I will admit I was that person when it comes to health, I made excuses to myself - having that mentality, it disempowered my life in all areas. So my best advice as clichΓ© as it sounds is to just do it, weight the pros and cons for each thing. For example, if you're starting to gain fat and eat a lot of junk food, what are the positives and drawbacks of that? if you can understand both sides of the coin, and not just your one sided self, you will understand that maybe the bad habits I will be creating might not be the best idea in the first place. Learn to accept that it's okay to think that, we're all human - it's okay to think that, understanding that it's okay to eat junk food but within moderation.

Like anything and everything in life, what we do are good within moderation. Β Find the balance and stay grounded.

I spent time with my mother. This is nice, but there are times where we have conflicts, I don't do it intentionally - I feel charged that the behavior my mother does leads me to not think straight, I go into that rational thinking phase.

Anyways, we ended watching a movie on Netflix, and I must admit I have seen basically all the movies on there lol. It's an achievement that I'm not proud of to say the least.

Huh, with typing everything above I feel a bit lighter and it's nice to be able to write my thoughts on what I feel, being present is the key here. We fall into the thoughts of what we need to do next, the next birthday that's coming up, COVID when will that hit out city again, but sometimes it's good to just slow down, take a deep breathe and be grateful of where you are right now. Β (breath in... breathe out)

Also before I wrap this up, Tesla's - my gosh, I was talking to my partner as she brought up a photo of the colour Tesla she wants and dang, I can't wait once we bought get our Teslas and dominate humbly.

Quote for the day: Life is too short to wake up in the mornings with regrets. So love the people who treat you right and forget about the ones who don't.