Redmon Borinez

Redmon Borinez

Busy Sunday

Don't you hate it when. Things start to break when you least expect it? Such as white goods. We had our drainage block due to an internal crack near the pool so we called in an emergency plumber to fix our issue. I will admit, I'm actually really tried. Might

Improving my website

Usually on the weekend I tend to focus on improving user experience and today I focused on optimizing my blog thumbnails, footer, released our new page "transparency" which shows our metrics. I'm starting to slowly but surely understand how to use Webflow and do task where I would of asked

30 mins turned into 6 hours

Yesterday I ordered a 1TB M.2 SSD from Amazon, and I didn't expect it to arrive this morning so early! I honestly thought it was a simple plug and play. I was wrong. Very very wrong. Even though I followed the instructions on how to clone my C: drive,

Staying Simple

I have Adobe Creative - that comes with all the apps from Adobe. I'm not the best when it comes to Photoshop, though I do know how to go by using it. Sometimes using Canva is a lot easier than using Photoshop. Sure, there can be positives and drawbacks but


The definition of Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. This is what I feel every time I get the chance to be with my partner during the weekend (and sometimes during the week). Today was a day where it was joy by over 9000. I love seeing

Hiring online

Today I had a call with a content creator that booked a call with me through Creator Mindset and his channel was geared towards productivity and study life. I gave him my thoughts on what he do to improve, along with a report as well. Hopefully with the information I

Sleeping late

I tend to sleep late at night. I feel that sleeping late past 12 mightnight gets my creative juice going. That being said, it has it's consequences. There are times where when I wake up I'm fully awake and other times I feel really sleepy. Something I need to monitor

I have 31 days left...

Within the next 31 days I will be focusing on releasing my course + Creator Mindset Pro this will be it. I need to have something up by the time or else... haha but really, I've give myself the end of Q1 to really get Creator Mindset going and fully monetized
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