Redmon Borinez

Redmon Borinez

Harder than I expected

So I finally started working on creating my paid community using Circle. I was surprised on the amount of flexibility you can actually do. It was... amazing. I have spent the whole evening playing around and learning from other community builders. What I did struggle with is the coding, something

Keeping active, possible solution

I will admit. I have been lacking my steps and staying active for the past month or so now. Before going on my holiday at the end of last year, I was on point with my fitness. Now it's lacking, well I mean I'm currently at my leanest since high


Would you believe, I inspect viewed my Stripe dashboard and edited the numbers to the amount of money I'll be receiving for my launch for Creator Mindset Pro, printed it and placed it on my whiteboard. Didn't know how to code and make the lines so I drew them manually

Being a Community Moderator

I'm currently a community moderator for 5 communities now. At that time I was heavily active and serving the community. But things started to change, I only moderated when I had time or the community has crashed. Because of me being active I was able to get noticed by employees

How marketing "should" be

I saw a tweet this evening from Dbrand. They've built a reputation for being sassy diva towards their customers on social media. And to be frank, they're savage. I've received a few emails regarding them being savage after an email asking if X can be added to my cart. They

Externally grateful

There is this product that I was using that was taken over by a new owner. I reached out to him asking if the tool will still be active after March, which is the initial date of the product closing down. Fortunately enough, it's here to stay! The person reached

I'll leave this here

30th September 2021

17 days left...

Where has March been? It's going so quick. And, we are already half way towards the end of it, with only 17 days left. Bizarre! 17 days left for Creator Mindset to make MRR. I still have a lot to do such as; Record Masterclass videosCreate sequences for my emailsCreate
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