Today was my last day of my once off agency work and yep, definitely not doing that anytime soon.

So I'm back into the swing of things again with my TikTok, YouTube and my startup, I'm so pumped on getting into swing of things again and oh getting back into the gym. That has been something I missed going back to seeing as I'm on a contract I want to be utilising my gym membership as much as possible.

There are things in life where life just kicks you and detracts you from trying to achieve your goals. It's your duty to steer back into alignment, your north star (highest value) and do things you want. Or else, you'll fall into creating bad habits which will disempower yourself every single day.

Quote of the day: Sometimes you have to lose something to gain something better. A door has to shut before a new door can open

With my quotes, they are randomly generated through my app Β on my iPhone which I get new quotes everyday and I find it quite fitting how the quote above fits perfectly with todays daily blog.