I'm currently a community moderator for 5 communities now.

At that time I was heavily active and serving the community. But things started to change, I only moderated when I had time or the community has crashed.

Because of me being active I was able to get noticed by employees which led me working closely with the company. Cool benefits and super grateful.

I reached out to a startup that makes rag bags.

At that time they weren't looking for a moderator.

Fast forward 3 years later, I reached out again as I saw that there were people posting things that weren't related to the brand.

I was frustrated as the posts were there for a few days.

I reached out to the company asking if they were looking for a moderator and I'd be happy to volunteer.

One thing led to another I became officially the first moderator for their group. Super excited to work with them, but will announce what brand in the upcoming weeks.

I should create an ebook on "how to get your dream job without a resume" lol. Because of what I have done since 2014 I was able to go far and do things that I wouldn't of expected, and maybe my experience would inspire others to do the same.