This morning my partner and I went to a first birthday party. We're watching baby Levi and Lucy growing up so quick. It amazes me how a baby can form to becoming and adult then eventually an elderly person. I haven't physically grown with someone before it's been through different episodes here and there. I feel that it's different. Hands up to the single kids out there that understands me? šŸ™ŒšŸ½

There are four couples that owned their very own Tesla 3 and it's sick. It's awesome to see a bunch of Teslas on one street. And I can't wait to get mine this year! My plan for that is to get the Tesla 3 performance, then when it comes out the year after, the Tesla Plaid Plus, and that, that it's a masterpiece of a beautiful made vehicle. I can't wait to go on a Tesla Convey around my city.

Right after the birthday, we went to our local shops to grab food for dinner tonight (we had hot pot!). They had things to do with the New Luna New Year around the centre. There was this area that made me question these things, horoscopes - is that what they are called?

There were these signs that you look for your year and it tells you what your 'future will be like' and there were certain words that felt related to me that, that was written just for me (and people within that year). It gave me that small dopamine rush.

I read my partners and there were certain things that related to me as well. Then I proceeded to read the rest, and I felt that things like these that 'predicts your future' are too generic and board. Those signs just give you the quick dopamine rush and the next day later you're back into your old routine - feeling that everything will come to you in a silver plater.

Unfortunately the world doesn't work like that. I get it, those who are actively trying to change their lifestyle, great - good on them! but to the majority of the people they will just read it, think that something will happen and it won't. It's essentially putting your life into a scratchy, whether you win that golden ticket that chances of that is slim.

But hey, those are just my thoughts - they are nice to see around but what it comes down to is focusing on your purpose, your highest value and you do what ever it takes to get there.

Well that went off as a tangent! We went to the dog park which is something we do quite often where we go to the dog park with no dog with us, but seeing a bunch of dogs in one area is HEAVEN! Dogs are amazing, period. Though we do have a (imaginary) dog that we take with us, his name is Ghost!

Towards the evening we had dinner, I worked on Creator Mindset while uploading my Day 1 of my Tiktok challenge.

Quote of the day: You can't rush something that you want to last forever.