I'm a pretty easy going guy.

But when you approach me giving me a business proposal without doing any research about me.

Then that is an instant no.

Even though I had my company and blog on my bio, he still asked me what I did. šŸ˜…

Here are my 3 tips in talking to someone and show them a business proposal.

  1. Research what they do, and use that as a ice breaker to build rapport
  2. If you want to show someone a business proposal list the benefits and the value it will add to them in an easy laymen term page
  3. Use connectors that you are mutual friends with e.g. "Oh I also saw we're mutual friends with XY, I use to go to school with him/her"

In the end he wanted me to become a Bitcoin Investor for a company, and that I would make a huge amount of money if I invest straight away.