Today I had a call with a content creator that booked a call with me through Creator Mindset and his channel was geared towards productivity and study life. I gave him my thoughts on what he do to improve, along with a report as well. Hopefully with the information I gave him he will implement those to his brand.

Also jumped on another call with Aswhin, the one who designed Creator Mindset website from the ground up. He was my savior at that time, as I had issues with another developer that roll'd me over. We discussed on whether he could design my landing page for my community which he happily accepted. Due date 3 weeks from now - so I'm excited for the outcome of that.

I also had my landing page copy reviewed today via a contractor through Upwork. And it was okay, there were still things I needed to change (as this was the 2nd review) I paid her and we went went on our own way. Things that I've noticed when hiring someone online.

  • Unless you have cash flow to fund a contractor, you are going to go through a lot of people - and I mean a lot. But once you do find that person, keep them.
  • Add a random word. eg When creating a listing tell them to mention "food" in their application. This weeds out the people who spam their resume like no tomorrow. I was surprised the amount of people who didn't I ignore those and focus on the ones who pay attention to detail
  • Be clear. Be specific. Unfortunately when we talk about our vision to someone it's only 70% whilst the rest of 30% of the vision is still in your head.
  • Paying by project and not hourly. Majority of the people I hired usually want to be paid by project and not hourly. Always negotiate and find a happy medium and that you are not breaking the bank