I saw a tweet this evening from Dbrand. They've built a reputation for being sassy diva towards their customers on social media.

And to be frank, they're savage.

I've received a few emails regarding them being savage after an email asking if X can be added to my cart.

They sent me RickRoll'd video...

They are also clever with their marketing emails too.

And because of this, they have built a solid community of hardcore fans.

Let me swing back to that first image where they called out a customer regards to shipping.

The way Dbrand crafted the tweet is polarising. While I was reading through there were a lot of tweets that didn't like how they did that, their foul language, etc.

Then you have people, IMO felt like based from the tweets out weighted the negative people that it's awesome Dbrand doesn't give a f*ck and continues to be a sassy diva as they are set to be.

As a whole their marketing team is clever, the way they approach their customers, marketing, and brand persona is something companies can learn from.

There a ton of companies out there that feel like robots (lol) when you talk to them. Like there isn't any sort of connection built, boring to say the least.

Good example of good marketing and online presence is;



Those are brands I like support, they keep it real and engaging.

What can you learn from this?

  • You don't have to follow the cookie cutter way in marketing and post boring content. Be bold, and express your brand.
  • Experimentation. Create content that is polarising, you'll gain haters but fans as well.
  • Have fun with it, add memes, make it relatable, it's not always about your business/brand