Something that spontaneously occurred to me that would be nice to show case on Creator Mindset was the Disney Meme page that I created on Facebook. I mixed between Disney clips/pictures that are relatable to the masses. I was at that time in the process of finding out ways to monetise that viewership.

I was caught me off guard and ended up losing my page, and lost everything - a page where I grew to over 250k followers. I tend to be a tech savvy guy but unfortunately the person I interacted with was a bit clever than I am. I never knew it was possible but it was done.

At that time I was looking to delicate my tasks. And a complete random reached out mentioning that they were interested. He showed me this link, now this didn't send through any red flags, it was a Facebook domain link, I clicked on it and somehow he had that ability to kick me out as Admin and have that person take control.

To this day, I'm trying to figure out (well no really lol) how that was possible. It was through the Facebook ads dashboard where it all started too which that was where the link directed me to.

I was annoyed, pissed, sad and everything in between. I contacted Facebook for help. The only thing they said, because the page I created is a meme, as in I don't own the IP of Disney therefore they aren't able to retrieve my page.

If only there was a way to find out based on login information. To be honest, I think they do have that information with them but they didn't go that extra step.

So there you have it, me losing a Facebook page that I built in 6 months vanished in within seconds.

Will this make me not trust people? I will still trust people but I wouldn't fully close off my doors just because of one person that rolled me. You learn from the experience so that you don't go through the same thing event.

Quote of the day: One day, you will be proud you made it through this.