Usually on the weekend I tend to focus on improving user experience and today I focused on optimizing my blog thumbnails, footer, released our new page "transparency" which shows our metrics.

I'm starting to slowly but surely understand how to use Webflow and do task where I would of asked my web developer at the time to execute on.

Also started working on the hand written letter that I will be taking a photo of for my landing page and our stickers are on the way too!

Have you ever had those feeling where you do something you love.

And, you get lost in track with time?

Yep, that's me getting lost with time working on something I love. I use to get the same feeling when I was addicted to playing video games. I could spend hours on my PC playing Escape From Tarkov, but now I've focused on something else, something more meaningful to me.

Life's good when you know how to play your cards, wisely.