Would you believe, I inspect viewed my Stripe dashboard and edited the numbers to the amount of money I'll be receiving for my launch for Creator Mindset Pro, printed it and placed it on my whiteboard.

Didn't know how to code and make the lines so I drew them manually lol

When you practice manifesting the things you want, you will get it.

The process: being grateful + identify  + declare it + take action.

Being grateful for what you have now and enjoy it. If you are constantly wanting something – a want, want, want mentality you feel an empty void that you think you are filling but once you get that thing, you still fill empty. Remember the last time you wanted something so bad and then once you got it, it felt like it was anticlimactic and said to yourself "oh I don't really need it".

Identify what you want and write it down so that you can see this everyday whether that's a new car, a partner, good grades, a successful business it could be anything our heart desires.

Declare it by saying you own that already (and out loud!). Say it with your heart and believe it .e.g - "I own this new BMW coupe, that has 16" alloy wheels, white leather seats, matte black with the number plate Ninja." or when your dream car goes by "That's MY car" You want to be VERY specific to the grain, like you already own it.

Take action. You want to do what ever it takes to get there. No money? find ways to make money. Want to find your dream partner? Start going to network events, tinder, go out and talk to people. You want to be making sure you take action everyday. Don't know how to start a business? Learn how to start a business by searching online, join events.

You're going to be tested by the universe whether you really want it – that's the breaking point where people tend to lose it and give up or lose sight and have life take over failing into old habits.

Practice the process each day and you'll see results. The things I have manifested in my life because of these 4 main things I do daily is mind blowing call me crazy but it's true, the things you manifest come to you when in unexpected ways when you least expect it.