A bit of a misleading title but I will explain. In my early teens to about 25 years old. I was addicted to playing videos, a ton of it too.

It was to that point where every time I'm home I would play, and play till the early mornings and rinse, repeat.

I wanted to fill that uncertain void of blocking the real life to be in a fantasy world where I would rather be. I didn't have to worry about anything else, besides what's happening in my game. And If I died, I can just repeat and start again.

It got to the point where I was disempowered in my other areas in life, relationship, business, health – well at that time, I wouldn't of thought of those stuff.

All I wanted to do is play... videos games.

I'm not entirely sure what made me go cold turkey and stop but it was towards the end of 2019, I read a reddit post which inspired me to create my startup, Creator Mindset. The things Pat Walls was creating at that time real hit home, and it was through a newsletter, a newsletter where I thought I wouldn't of invested my time in.

I started taking the whole startup vibe a bit seriously, and my future.

Before this happened, I came across an Instagram post about Forex trading and I really wanted to get into and at that time he had a company he was running with hundreds of students.

I leeched his free content and loved the lifestyle he was living, and he lived in my city! Since that time I stopped following him but liked his Facebook page.

Everything came into a complete circle. Towards the end of 2019, the person I was following Lewis Mocker started a company called Monthly Mastermind. I joined their paid group and golly gosh.

The value there for the price they give was undervalued IMO. I learnt so much and still am to this day!

This helped me a lot on Creator Mindset.

But what's really interesting is that, I played one match of Call of Duty on my PC and back in the days I would play around 50 matches. But today, I got sick of it after my first match.

I don't have the urge as I use to, and I'm looking after myself better than ever before.

Moral of this story is that – go out there and try new things, even if you think you might not like it. just try it. Even If didn't do the actions that I did prior to all of the things I have mentioned above.

I wouldn't be here today.

I would still be playing video games.