Today I finally put my foot down to tap into trying out TikTok. I've heard a lot of successful stories from people I know and people I have seen that does well on that platform. I was stuck in the paralysed mindset that, I said I would do it - it's now 2, 2 years of me saying the same thing talking the talk but not walking the walk. But really, I was overthinking - I honestly didn't know how I would approach Tiktok, I was confused or maybe I was overthinking.

At the start of the day, I didn't think too much on it besides me saying "yeah, I'll eventually go on TikTok" but I unconsciously did the 5 second rule. It is coined by Mel Robbins and she says that if you want to do something, whether it's extreme or not do it without thinking. Past that 5 seconds that is when your brain goes into defensive mode. This is where your conscious thoughts overrule you and say negative things that may and will hinder you which will lead you to not doing it.

With TikTok there were not initial thoughts, I thought of a video, edited it and upload it. I set myself a goal that within the next 120 days, my goal is to reach 1 mill growing my startup company, Creator Mindset.

If you want to follow my journey on Tiktok you can check me out here.

My three videos that I have uploaded today (at the top row) 

Also another thing is that, I did this without telling anyone (yikes hopefully my partner doesn't see this blog, it's a surprise) I want to reach a certain mile-stone on TikTok first before I show her the stats. My strategy is to upload 3 times a day for the next 30 days, uploading my day 1 to day 120 day journey, on top of that a ton of value content creation/branding and everything in between and see how everything goes from there.

Partnerships, this is something that is really look - so far, Creator Mindset has one active sponsor, Artlist and they have been with us for about close to reaching that 1 year mark. And before Christmas hit a startup company by the name of reached out to me if there can be some sort of partnership that could be arranged. After a few emails back and forth, we came to a win-win situation. I'm super excited to have them as our second partners and hopefully this will expand our network and opportunities. Exciting plans ahead for me and Creator Mindset!  

Quote of the day: Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Dominate Humbly.