Finally back to getting fit again, felt like a sloth (using that word lightly) the last week, not being able to go to the gym. Did a push during the day then pull during the evening. I can feel the after pain, and it feels good - good to be able to feel that pain that my muscles did well today.

It had me thinking that, imagine if I continued with the old habit I was developing last year. I started gaining weight, especially around the cheeks and ate when I wanted. I normally had 2-3 pieces of Nutella on toast in the evening.

An old photo of me when I was ruthless with my diet

Today I tend to be more observant than usual especially people who I felt didn't care. I felt that it was a path that I was going towards if I didn't act on what I do now. Oh also before the thought runs away, staying fit and healthy. I saw a elderly woman walking, and she was walking at a snail pace. Life must be very slowly for her and it was a thought that I don't want to put myself through, I'll be making it my mission too make health a priority for me. Like anything else in life, such as work we're investing for the future, and what we eat is no different.

Once we reach that stage, our body will contradict on what we will be and our diet is one of them. So it pays to start now before it's too late.

Quote of the day: Don't give up because of one bad chapter in your life. Keep going, your story doesn't end here.