lesson learned

My addiction to video games

A bit of a misleading title but I will explain. In my early teens to about 25 years old. I was addicted to playing videos, a ton of it too. It was to that point where every time I'm home I would play, and play till the early mornings and

Don't be like this guy

I'm a pretty easy going guy. But when you approach me giving me a business proposal without doing any research about me. Then that is an instant no. Even though I had my company and blog on my bio, he still asked me what I did. 😅 Here are my 3

Hiring online

Today I had a call with a content creator that booked a call with me through Creator Mindset and his channel was geared towards productivity and study life. I gave him my thoughts on what he do to improve, along with a report as well. Hopefully with the information I

I use to run a Disney Meme page that had 250k+

Something that spontaneously occurred to me that would be nice to show case on Creator Mindset was the Disney Meme page that I created on Facebook. I mixed between Disney clips/pictures that are relatable to the masses. I was at that time in the process of finding out ways

Making decisions

I had a thought that was running on my mind when I was for my afternoon walk. And it was to do with being able to make decisions. Have you encountered that situation where you have valid feedback in potentially increasing revenue for a business but they either will "pass

Narrow attention

Today was creating and strategizing my TikTok, and I'll admit. I have been focusing on TikTok a lot a bit too much than I should these past few days. With that being said, it's been good trying to fully grasp how everything works, we're getting there with daily content. Moving
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