Harder than I expected

So I finally started working on creating my paid community using Circle. I was surprised on the amount of flexibility you can actually do. It was... amazing. I have spent the whole evening playing around and learning from other community builders. What I did struggle with is the coding, something

Keeping active, possible solution

I will admit. I have been lacking my steps and staying active for the past month or so now. Before going on my holiday at the end of last year, I was on point with my fitness. Now it's lacking, well I mean I'm currently at my leanest since high


Would you believe, I inspect viewed my Stripe dashboard and edited the numbers to the amount of money I'll be receiving for my launch for Creator Mindset Pro, printed it and placed it on my whiteboard. Didn't know how to code and make the lines so I drew them manually

My leanest so far

After about 5+ months going to the gym, I had my PT assess me which I am now the leanest I have been so far since my high school days. Super proud of myself. Like all things, it's a marathon not a race. What played a contributing factor to my

My addiction to video games

A bit of a misleading title but I will explain. In my early teens to about 25 years old. I was addicted to playing videos, a ton of it too. It was to that point where every time I'm home I would play, and play till the early mornings and

Improving my website

Usually on the weekend I tend to focus on improving user experience and today I focused on optimizing my blog thumbnails, footer, released our new page "transparency" which shows our metrics. I'm starting to slowly but surely understand how to use Webflow and do task where I would of asked


The definition of Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. This is what I feel every time I get the chance to be with my partner during the weekend (and sometimes during the week). Today was a day where it was joy by over 9000. I love seeing

Hiring online

Today I had a call with a content creator that booked a call with me through Creator Mindset and his channel was geared towards productivity and study life. I gave him my thoughts on what he do to improve, along with a report as well. Hopefully with the information I
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