Improving my website

Usually on the weekend I tend to focus on improving user experience and today I focused on optimizing my blog thumbnails, footer, released our new page "transparency" which shows our metrics. I'm starting to slowly but surely understand how to use Webflow and do task where I would of asked


The definition of Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. This is what I feel every time I get the chance to be with my partner during the weekend (and sometimes during the week). Today was a day where it was joy by over 9000. I love seeing

Hiring online

Today I had a call with a content creator that booked a call with me through Creator Mindset and his channel was geared towards productivity and study life. I gave him my thoughts on what he do to improve, along with a report as well. Hopefully with the information I

I have 31 days left...

Within the next 31 days I will be focusing on releasing my course + Creator Mindset Pro this will be it. I need to have something up by the time or else... haha but really, I've give myself the end of Q1 to really get Creator Mindset going and fully monetized

Making decisions

I had a thought that was running on my mind when I was for my afternoon walk. And it was to do with being able to make decisions. Have you encountered that situation where you have valid feedback in potentially increasing revenue for a business but they either will "pass

Pain feels good, stay healthy

Finally back to getting fit again, felt like a sloth (using that word lightly) the last week, not being able to go to the gym. Did a push during the day then pull during the evening. I can feel the after pain, and it feels good - good to be

Back into routine

Today was my last day of my once off agency work and yep, definitely not doing that anytime soon. So I'm back into the swing of things again with my TikTok, YouTube and my startup, I'm so pumped on getting into swing of things again and oh getting back into

I totally under now

Doing agency work opens up new perceptions on understanding the 9-5 routine. You wake up, get ready, breakfast and off you go to encountering traffic along the way to your work. You go through your shift where you have an hour break. Wrapping it up at 5pm and going through
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