Would you believe, I'm not that sort of person that celebrates Valentines day. I ask myself why spend a special day with someone you endearingly love for a particular day of the year? It should be like that every day.

I believe that when you fall into this cycle of Valentines day you know what to predict on that day, flowers, chocolate, teddy bears. You want to make your partner feel special, that's what you catch them when you least expect it. But personal I choose to opt out for such an event due to the fact that, everyday I see my partner it is always a special day, I don't tend to celebrate - being with her doing what we want as a highest value brings joy to my eyes.

And what is our highest values? Instead of spending a lot of money on gifts we spend time building our businesses instead. And yes, her and I live an abundant relationship, we tend to step out of the norm and be different. We're not your typical relationship.

What do you mean by that you ask? Sure. As a relationship we want to be married live with choices. I see my future being with her, so to minimise the risk of a breakup we talk things through.

If you're having an argument or something isn't right between the two that day, take a step back, breathe give a few hours. Then discuss the situation as grown adults, discuss what has happened, how can that not happen again.

If you don't communicate that within that day, resentment starts to build every time you hold back. it goes into the meter bar that slowly fills up. Then once that meter reaches overload that's when things get crazy, fights, arguments, stress, cheated on, now that is something we don't want and we put risk management tools so that things like that don't happen. We also have a devoice kit too! But I'll keep that saved for another day.

Quote of the day:  I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is ending up with people who make you feel all alone.